Saturday, March 23, 2013

The rainbow awaits him

Brownie in 2011
I am tracing my posts to find our first encounter with Brownie. It was sometime June 2011. Almost 2 years ago. Seems like yesterday when he first came to our lives. I thought he was someone's dog but later found out he was homeless. Yet, he was happy roaming in the streets. Rather notorious to visitors to the neighbourhood but friendly to some neighbours in several different roads who noticed his recent disappearance.

Since coming back from PAWS, his health had deteriorated drastically. At first, I thought he was depressed about being under house arrest. He did not show any symptoms of being ill earlier.

He didn't seem to want to eat during meal time. Some days, his bowl was left untouched. Some days, it was cleaned up. Only last night I saw a cat in my garden, so it might be someone else had been eating his food lately. But definitely something was wrong when he is not eating immediately.

He's still ok about walking around the neighbourhood. We have not done so the last 2 nights because it was raining.
Today, Brownie refused to get into the car to the vet. So I went to get his medication for his cough. After describing the symptoms, it was indicative of canine distemper. The vet said that it is very dangerous to bring in an unvaccinated dog, especially from the pound. Lesson learnt. I have to keep a watchful eye on my kids in the coming months. So, I purchased the test kit, his antibiotics, cold medication and a can of "critical care" food (according to the vet is super delicious).

Brownie's test results

Had to swab his eye discharge, nose and saliva at home. It came out positive pretty quickly. Reading WebMD, he has all the signs (even before doing the test). It looks like he is in Stage 1 now. Mixed his medication with his vet-prescribed food. But, still not eating. :(
So, I will probably bring this poor sweet boy in on Monday to be put down. 

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