Friday, March 22, 2013

The enemy within

A week after our rescue of Brownie, my kids began coughing. Both coughed out phelgm all over the floor. Monday night being the most severe - coughing all through the night. Like the last times (this and this), it had to happen during the night when no vet is open. And like the last time, I didn't sleep the whole night. Ruki nudged me a few times during the night. I think he wanted to go to the "doctor place".

It's bad when both dogs are sick at the same time.

First thing the next morning, we went to our vet. As usual, Haruki loves the vet. I think he likes the attention. Considering that Riko is "anti-vet", she was quite a trooper. It's her first visit here...and I think she's more comfortable with a lady vet. When I went out to get Ruki (leaving her in the examination room), she ran from the door to the doctor's side across the examination table. Good sign that she trusts her, rather than waiting by the door for me to come back.
Checking heart beat and breathing
Checking temperature
It looks like kennel cough. Probably something caught from PAWS via Brownie. But Brownie has no cough symptoms like Ruki or Riko. Dr. Joeanne says Riko has a slight fever but her breathing is less congested than Ruki. The good news is that Ruki has lost 2 kg since his last visit in October. He's now 38 Kg. It sounds good in kilos....but in pounds - he lost 5 pounds to 83 pounds. I would like to get him under 80 pounds.

Dr. Joeanne preparing the medication

Waiting to get their medicine

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