Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sleeping arrangements

Haruki has been enjoying his sleeps outdoors lately. He has done so for a few consecutive nights now. At first, I thought he just preferred the cool night air as I stopped having the air-conditioning on in my bedroom at night. So, I decided to make it all-cosy indoors ... by turning the air-conditioner on. But, it was all in wane. Night after night, I'll call him in and he will refuse to budge from his favourite spot from the garden.

Then two nights ago (as I began to come to terms that he's now all grown up), he comes into my study demanding attention. So, I take him outside to accompany him as he chase frogs in the garden. After a while, I come in. Ruki returns in a while and play bites my feet. Sheesh...why is he so clingy tonight? So, we came out of the study and just stood in the living room ...doing nothing...hahaaha. Then, I return to my desk. And again, he comes in and starts to nuzzle me insistently.

I realized that he just wanted to go to the bedroom to sleep. Awwww....

Every night since then, he'll take his dog-nap in the garden till 11pm then comes into my study to tell me it's time to go to bed. Like clockwork.

My sweet snoring by my bedside now. :)