Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lack of Bed(side) Manners

Although I claim to own a king size bed, the truth is I'm usually allocated 2 feet from the edge of the bed to sleep on every night. Since her surgery, my girl has been conquering a lot more of bed space and moving up to the pillow section. Maybe, she thinks she deserves more now that she gave up her ovaries for me. Yikes!

One night, I found her sprawled diagonally on my side of the bed and I had to sleep on the opposite side. The following night, she decided to sleep where my feet, I had to sleep with my legs curled up. Some nights, I have to sleep diagonally as she refused to re-position herself mid-sleep. Somehow, I always end up with her butt right up my face. But then... just the other night, I woke up nose-to-nose with her e-cone head!

Ok, which side should I sleep tonight?

Note: The blue sheet is her original zone.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breaking News: Riko was kidnapped!

I visited Riko again this afternoon. As you can see, Riko was still looking sad with her cone of shame. The vet said she was whining in the afternoon when the other dogs started barking. She was drinking but still not eating. So, I tried feeding some canned dog food. She chomped it down in seconds. Good sign.
After some long conversations with the vet, he asked whether I wanted to take her home overnight. Can I really? Since the first night, she was on she may not remember a lot. But, today she's fully conscious....I think she will be more scared today...or rather I will be more frightened for her.

So, I took her home sooner than expected. I just needed to take precautions to reduce her mobility. The vet bandaged her sutures before we left.

Meanwhile, Ruki boy will full board at Daycare...while I care for Riko at home. When she came back, she did a long wee (like the kind you hold when you are out all day and didn't dare use the public toilet).

Then, she went in and drank a whole bowl of water. Then, she laid down and went to sleep.

When she woke up, she let out a bark..replying to some distant barking somewhere. She was then escorted outside to pee. She finished her plate of kibbles.

Now, the challenge is how to juggle both kids between homes. They cannot be together for another week. Yikes!

The Morning After

Riko girl was fully coherent this morning. She was terribly timid in strange kennel environment. She didn't let out a sound (not even a whine) when she saw me...but her eyes showed that she was scared silent. The water bowl was empty this morning. She had peed during the night. Still not eating anything this morning. Took her for a walk in the back alley. She now dawns an e-collar...and will do so till next Friday or more.

More than an hour later, she wasn't happy to see me go. Neither was I. :(

BUT, I'm so glad she's alive and kicking... and that the surgery went well!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Day

Today, my baby went in for her surgery. I guess she didn't see it coming...though, she must have thought her momma was going nuts with all the petting and pep talks lately.

Somebody else didn't see it coming too...or did he...

Maybe, he knew something fishy was up again (last time was when momma and Riko secretly went for pet therapy without him). This time..he wants nothing to do with this fishy business.

I brought her in at 10.30am. She was really scared because the place and people were strange to her. She refused to enter the kennel area...partly because another patient dog was barking really loud. I brought in my overnight bag of goodies - yogurt, kibbles, chicken/liver/ gizzard chops, a few butter cookies and peanut butter (in case she wasn't into regular food and preferred some junk food). The vet laughed at the things I brought. Well, Riko is one fussy eater. I settled her in and had to go for a meeting.

Apparently, the vet put her in the kennel after pre-medication before the surgery. She refused to come out of the kennel for her operation. So, they had to carry her to the table. Poor girl :(

The surgery went well. I came to see her at 6 o'clock. She was still groggy and couldn't move a lot. She didn't want to eat and only drank a bit. After a while, she wanted to stand up (as if wanting to leave with me). But, her legs were too weak to hold up for long. :((

She is spending the night at the vet. It's not the best of place to be. I hope she'll feel better tomorrow.

Photos on 21 Sept 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Sweet Girl

Mariko will go under the knife this week and I'm worried sick for her.
I hope she'll have a speedy recovery. Trying to find ways to stay positive. :(

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A new kind of normal

Miss Riko's period was finally over last week. Thank Godness! Ruki's obsession for her went away quite abruptly. Thank Godness! Life is back to normal...well, a new normal. They seem to be hungrier these days....even Riko...who before this was eating like bird. Nowadays...they are having seconds and thirds after their main meals. Their bowls are licked clean and shiny every time. Before her period, Riko used to have a spoon of yogurt as a snack before bedtime. Now, she has a giant spoon after her breakfast as well!

As for me, my foot is healing ever so slowly. Today, I cheated on my Western doctor by visiting a Chinese sinseh. The things I do for my kids...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Super bratty tonight

It's a cool enough to enjoy a night's sleep with the windows open.
But, no..the boy insists that we turn on the aircon. o.O

He knows the whole routine - closing the windows, pointing the remote to the air con, hearing the tit sound to confirm that it's on. He doesn't buy the having the windows wide open and blasting the fan at full speed business. Nope. Either the air con is on or he'll sleep outside.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Keep calm and carry on

Today, I was making the most of my lazy Saturday morning catching up with the final episodes of my Hong Kong series. I noticed that my girl was making a few trips into the guest bathroom and fiddling with something...which she never does. She was acting all suspicious as I watched her with one eye and the Chinese series with the other.

All the sudden, she dashed out of the guest bathroom into the master bedroom, across the corridor. Ahead of her was a small black creature. RAT!!!! Well, I instantly I jumped up my chair with my camera in hand (it was a blog-moment). This is the view from up there.

Needless to say, my boy ran into the room to investigate. Great...there's going to be a blood bath in my room! Strangely, it was all quiet in there. Both of them sat patiently next to the bed. I could see something black under my bed. Yeeewww!!!

Now, my bedroom windows have mosquito netting... so, there's no way out except through the room door. After a few minutes of silence, my kids came out very calm and sat in the living if nothing happened. That's when I called for back-up.

Back-up arrived in about 10 minutes...with lunch too. Wah! so good service. It turned out to be a baby squirrel which came in during the night. It was let out through the window - all shaken up. My kids ran into the garden and gave chase. Ruki caught it in his mouth..then let it go..then, both of them chased it again. The poor soul must be totally exhausted by the ordeal. Finally, we called the kids to stand down...and our house guest escaped through the fence.

Good thing my kids was gently holding the squirrel. Both got their mouths thoroughly rinsed after that. Thank God it wasn't a rat!