Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taking two to tango

Every since that one time I walked my girl before my boy (he was misbehaving), Riko thinks she has gained all rights to go first now. Most evenings since, I've managed to stop her from getting out the car at the park. Not today. She door-crashed and shot out the door with my boy. So there they were having a mighty good time in the middle of the park. I caught up with "monkey-girl" to leash her. Ruki did his usual off-leash park sniffing that ended at the far end of the park. I leashed the boy and we turn back. Walking back, all I could hope for was "Please get me back to the car in one piece!". Walking two dogs with different temperamentals at the same time can be a suicide mission. My girl paces a step ahead of the boy. While the boy prefer his senior citizen pace and stopping leisurely at random spots to sniff. I must say we managed to walk back to the car with me look pretty cool. The sad news is Riko did not want to go into the car. So, we walked the second part of the route - the neighbourhood TOGETHER. We did pretty well except one part where Riko got excited and lunged at a barking dog behind the gate. Will I risk my life again? I don't know ..... It would be nice to have a calm walk with the two. For sure. Syntea is also on tumblr.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meal deals

Meal time in our household is becoming a true family affair. Since Ruki started on home-coooked breakfast, we have (sort of) been sharing the same foods. Try to spot the difference in our meals. Ruki eats almost anything. The only things he spits out (literally) are whole pieces of vege or fish. Nowadays, I have to slip in the fruits, veg & sardines by chopping them to smaller pieces. I think he eats more healthily than me!....but, he's not getting any thinner.
Riko's eating habits are the total opposite of the boy. She eats depending on her mood. The boy... he eats like his life depended on it. When she eats, it like a great relief... when she finishes her plate... we celebrate. When Ruki doesn't eat, we panic. I suspect that she must have been a dutch girl in her previous life because she loves cheese and yogurt. To coax her to eat, there is a sprinkling of cheese (slices or cream cheese) over her kibbles. On good days, she finishes her food. On normal days, she'll pick on the cheese bits and leave the kibbles untouch. She's not on home-cooked breakfast because she keeps staring at her if to decide as to whether I am trying to poison her with strange foods or not.
My lunch similar to my boy's ....except that mine isn't served in a dog bowl. Same basic ingredients - brown rice with potatoes, carrots and pumpkin (whatever leftover after Ruki's portion). No meats as I'm aiming for vegetarian lunches till end May (at least).
Syntea is also on tumblr.