Sunday, March 24, 2013

Final journey home

Final resting place
Even before the recent events, I have often wondered what will happen to Brownie once it was time for him to go. Will he find a quiet place and go to sleep? Will he come looking for someone to help him?
Unfortunately, the recent chain of events was not his own doing. Out of all that has happened, he did help us find Bowser. That is his final good deed before going over the rainbow.
This afternoon, we decided to prepare to bury him under the lovely red frangipani outside the house. I think he would be happy resting outside the house in his neighbourhood. I'm happy with the place. I have a white frangipani I've been meaning to plant somewhere. So, planting it over the plot would be perfect....amongst the three red frangipanni.
Now, I am only hoping that my vet will make a house call for the procedure tomorrow. We broached the topic yesterday. Understandably, she said if he is tested positive, he would not allowed to come into the vet as it's contagious. Hence, the procedure will have to be done in car or by the roadside....which would be just awful and scary for the poor boy. So, I'd rather have him sleep in peace in a familiar place at home and quickly buried in his plot.

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