Saturday, January 25, 2014

Road to recovery

When Ruki is sick, he likes to sleep on the bed. That is the only time he would sleep on the bed....though recently, I caught him napping on the bed in the morning while waiting for me to get up :D

The first two days, he didn't have much energy to walk to the kitchen. He had to be served from wherever he was lying pathetically. The sign of recovery was when he managed to make it to the kitchen for his meals.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back to the vet

Ruki's condition did not get better after the first visit. It seems that he was not his usual happy self. Reminded me of this. So, we had a follow up visit two days later. Ruki was tested and he had tick fever :((


EVERBODY had to be checked. Cousin Mentos (cat head in foreground) was there on an unrelated matter - a little scratch under his eye a.k.a. owner paranoia.

Dori was whining as they took he blood for test. Brave Riko was at her side giving her encouragements. Surprising to watch Riko being so brave as she hates going to the vet. :D

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When Ruki met Mentos

We walked over to visit cousin Mentos after our visit to the vet. It was an interesting first meet.
Ruki got slapped by Mentos. So, he decided it was more fun to play with cousin Bowser.


My boy has tick fever for real

Haruki's year pretty much began with a trip to the vet. He was behaving rather lethargic. Something was up but at that time, I was not sure. The vet said everything checked out OK - temperature was fine and it might be due to a skin infection that is making him uncomfortable.


There was some good news. He lost some weight.

The bad news..... our vet lectured Ruki about taking regular baths and me about giving him regular baths. We had an earful. So, Ruki promised to bathe every week from now more macho odour :D

We were sent home with bottles of medicine and a hefty bill. What a start to the year! ....anything for my boy.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Major crime

OMG.... I accidentally locked my boy in the car overnight yesterday. My poor boy!

He must have jumped back into the car when I got home to finish his bone in the back seat floor.
I only noticed the morning after when he was not at the kitchen waiting patiently for his breakfast.

I am so traumatized by the ordeal....I could imagine that he tried to bark from inside the car at night but I could not hear him :((

Luckily, I think he has a short memory as he was the first up the car after breakfast to go to day care.