Friday, March 15, 2013

Even dogs need retirement homes

Brownie has been under house arrest since he was bailed out from PAWS. He has been well-behaved considering that this is so far off his normal routine for the past 3 years. First three nights, he was bark-howling late at night for me to let him out. Last night was the first night he didn't bark to ask to be let outside.

He is getting a very short walk along my road in the morning and a longer one in the evening.

I started to look at possible retirement homes for him. I have to send him to the vet to do item 3 below before sending him in. I have not check whether he still has his balls since coming back from PAWS.


Terms and conditions for leaving a dog under our care are as follows : -

1) 2 months advance as deposit (RM 300)
2) RM150 monthly
3) Rescuers are required to send the rescued animals to private vets for vaccination, deworming, treatments and neutering (for 6 months and above). Other subsequent medical bills if required will be borne by individual rescuers.

I will be apprehensive if the place looked like PAWS.
But, it looks pretty decent. Hopefully, a place in the country is also great for a city dog like him.

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