Friday, May 31, 2013

The day after meds

At bedtime last night, Puri was lying in the hall, looking pretty much paralysed. So, we bid goodnight and went to the bedroom. A few minutes later, she came limping into the bedroom. I guess she did not want to be alone outside.
This morning, she was lying in the bedroom although we tried to do the regular routine to get to the garden to pee and poo in the first thing in the morning. She remained in the room as I prepared for work.
The vet said that she will probably feel better in the morning once the medication kicked in. Hence, I was worried that it was more serious than expected. Worse still, the vet is closed tomorrow due to a public holiday.
My sister dropped by and Puri decided to get up to see what was happening. Her legs were still stiff at first. Then, she seem to be ok with standing and back to "her normal clingy self"....wanting to jump and get into the car. Maybe, she thought she couldn't walk at first and then, realized that she was back to normal.
She should not exert herself too much because whatever is given to her now is only a temporary relief. Will have to schedule for x-ray to see what is the actual problem.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wee Game

As Puri was not able to move about or even stand up much of yesterday, she was not able to go wee.
Despite two attempts to bring her outside, she didn't want to go to the garden to wee. Both times, she limp back into the house. By night fall, I was really worried that she was still holding it all in her bladder.
It was such a relief that she finally wee when I got home from dinner last night.
After over a week of toilet-training and several "accidents" in the house, she sort of understood that weeing and pooing is something you do in the garden.
But last night, I never thought I would be so glad to wipe wee on my kitchen floor. She might have wanted to go to the backyard to wee but the door was locked when I was out.

Suspected arthritis

Puri was scheduled to be spayed today but she did not make it for the surgery. On Tuesday night, I did noticed her front leg was slightly limping Since yesterday, she had trouble walking. Literally, she could not put pressure on her hind leg for long periods.
We went to the vet today. As it happened suddenly (at least to me), it might have been a stroke. The vet said it might be unlikely as she is still considered young. By physical observation, there is some stiffness in the legs and inability to put much pressure of her hind legs. It might be arthritis.
She was given an anti-inflammatory jab and is taking anti-inflammatory pills and nerve supplements. On top of that, she has to be on glucosamine. Have to put on a proper diet.
At the moment, she has to be monitored and to make sure she can resume the function of her hind legs. Doctor said with the medication, she should feel better tomorrow. Next week, I think she will need to get x-rayed to ascertain for sure what the issues are.

According to the vet, she might be in some pain and hence, she should not be moving about a lot. Anyway, she is immobile (not by choice) and has to be brought out to the garden to use the toilet. She poo-ed today. But, I have not seen her pee...which is worrying at this point.
Each time, I bring her out....she wants to come in the house again. I hope she heals soon.

Right now, she has to gain strength to stand up, put on diet, take her medication and get x-rayed. Only then, we know what can be done. Poor girl. She has been such a trooper... she's is in some discomfort but she is totally quiet about it.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Food exchange program

My girl Riko has never been a fan of food. I think if she had a choice, she could just live on cream cheese and Greek yogurt. I believe she was a Dutch girl in her previous life. For a couple of days now, she has been fed once nightly instead of twice a day since only the girls are at the house.
In the early days, she used to get annoyed when Puri strays into her bowl. Nowadays, she is more tolerant. After the first cup they will have in their own bowls. Then, they exchange bowls to have their second half cup. After that, a tablespoon of Greek yogurt each to lick for dessert.

Round 1

Round 2

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My abandoned boy

With the arrival of our guest a week ago, Ruki has been putting up at day care (became night care too). It has become rather difficult parting ways every night. Every time, he is eagerly waiting to jump up the car only to be told to stay behind.

Yesterday, we decided it was best to keep him in the house while we slip out into the car. Last night, as soon as we left and the front door open, he came running out to the gate to see where we went. Grandma kept calling him to come back to the house. After a long while, he finally came in. Grandma offered him his favourite butter cookie...but he refused to eat it. This is serious stuff - he does not resist any form of food. Ever.

Only after much coaxing, he relented and ate his cookie.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Today's a holiday!


They are getting along
 ..... but with Ruki, not.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Going to work in the morning

Someone has the idea that she could skip day care and play at home.

Someone has the idea that she can go out.

Someone at day care just want to go home.

Where are the girls tonight?

Last night, she was napping independently in the study. Tonight, she wants to sleep under my work table.

Where is my girl, Riko?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home Alone

Puri is home alone until she is ready to make a good impression at day care. My boy Ruki is a hot-blooded Romeo who pounced on her back the first moment they met. Hence, he is banished at day care until Puri is spayed.
I brought him back yesterday evening to see whether they can all get along cordially. But, the moment he got down the car, he went to hug her. So, he was kept outside the house until he kept barking wanting to come in. So, he was driven back to day care to spend another night there.
Sadly, we have to live separately for now. My poor boy. Missing him at home :(
Puri seems more settled in last night and this morning. When we were ready to get into the car to go to work, she went to sit by the patio (photo above). Maybe she knows she has to stay home.
Note: My patio chair is pushed against the table for a reason. The early days when my kids were left home alone, one of them (suspect Riko) dug a big hole in the cushion. For the longest time, the hole was left untreated to make sure that Riko's growing pains to pass over. I only got it upholstered last year for the price of a bomb and a half.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Food for thought

She pants a lot (same as my boy, Ruki) but is drinking a lot of water. Have to observe closely.
Water = pee = more pee duty. She may not have been a house dog.
Hence, she needs to be toilet-trained. This means she is a giant puppy which needs to be taken out to pee. It has been 4 years since I've been on pee duty.
She did not eat much on her first day. This morning, she ate some but did not finish her bowl of kibbles. She seems to be more interested in Riko's bowl. She did chomp some of Riko's kibbles on Sunday....much to my girl's dismay. Now, Riko takes half of her usual time to finish her food to avoid having it "stolen" from her.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Morning After

I woke up to this in the morning. Hmmm....
The prime suspect is probably Puri, although my girl does have a previous criminal record. Puri had some difficulty settling down to sleep at night. I wonder why she was not sleepy. But, the lights went out last night and she knew she needed to go to sleep after some time. We woke up around 4 am and she was taken out to pee. Then, to bed.  I did hear some noises outside the bedroom. She was pacing about and doing "something". I guess that "something" was getting a book out the shelf and "reading". My poor vintage Malaysian Cookery Book is gone.
As she is not ready for day care, she has to stay put at home for now. That's a really scary thought, coming from experience. That is partly why my kids go to day be supervised. Plus, I think they get bored when left alone. Hence, they become destructive. Now that they are a bit grown up, they are only left on their own at home for short periods.

Meeting Puri

 We met Puri at the warehouse this morning. She has been staying there for almost a year.  Although the location is not conducive for a dog, she was well-loved by her caretakers.

This is her primary caretaker, Hassan and Carolina who helped co-ordinate the mission. Both were sad to see her go.

 First stop was to the vet. She is 30 kg. Doctor said she has a great coat. We weren't totally sure about her medical background - last vaccination, spaying, heartworm prevention. There seem to be an old surgery sutures but the caretaker said that she still goes on heat. We have to re-assess this in the coming weeks. She was given her annual 9-in-1 vaccination and deworming pills.

The true challenge came when we got home. Unfortunately, my boy Ruki was behaving like a desperate Romeo who could spend the whole day sniffing her behind or trying to hump her. Not good. :(

They have to live in separate homes for now. I am concern about having her at my house due to old lingering virus from Brownie. The boy is at my parents and the girls are with me. I think Puri is used to peeing and pooing on concrete instead of grass. She did both at my parents' driveway....which will not give a good impression to win their hearts. So, I have to take her back with me.

I think my girl has mixed feelings about having a gal pal. Being the baby of the house, she might be a bit jealous of the attention elsewhere and maybe annoyed that someone is ruining her weekend routine with momma. Hope she warms up to Puri soon. We managed to go for our usual evening walk. Puri did a short walk to the park too.

Dinner time - Puri didn't touch her regular kibbles despite sniffing her bowl a few times during the night. Maybe it's all the change and excitement.....or the dash of salmon oil I put in. Have to watch her eating habits tomorrow.

She was fairly restless all day - checking out the house. We had a short nap in the evening. When I woke up, she had pee in the house although the backdoor was open to the garden. Maybe that's why she nudged me during my nap because she wanted to pee. I hope so. We will need to work on this to be able to go to day care.
 She is getting a few winks of sleep today. Every sound wakes her up. This is like having a new pup again. It's gonna take a whole lot of patience and time.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

They are cousins

Bowser & Mariko
Tango with Haruki & Mariko