Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bed and breakfast at 6 Haruki

This is the second weekend that Brownie decided to stay overnight. Last night, we met him during our night walks. He was locked out of his house. Nobody seems to be at home. He followed us back. It rained during the night and so, there wasn't any point to send him home in the rain.

After last week's bad manners, he was fed at the porch every time he came over, while the kids were fed indoor. Aiyoo...his heart-wrenching stares from the windows...

So this morning, I decided to try feeding them indoors again. When the food was put down, he initially lunged forward. I held him back and I think he got the picture that he needed to behave himself at breakfast indoors. So, he sat down like the rest of the kids and waited. Then, I signaled to eat and he didn't move an inch. I tried a few times until he felt that the coast was clear to eat . At first, he ate sitting down! Poor kid...really like a street urchin.

So, now everybody has eaten and are sleeping again at 6 Haruki.

My boy was sent outside to keep him company. He is napping and occassionally swatting flies.

Our guest is sleeping too.

My girl is the most pampered. She prefers to nap indoors.

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