Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Operation Save the Dog (STD)

I have a love-hate relationship with the neighbourhood stray, Brownie.
I normally don't bother about strays. We met when he kept following my girl and me on our walks. We thought he had an owner and I allowed him to play with my kids. When I found out that he was actually homeless, the thought did cross to foster him in the house.
But, it proved difficult because he is such a free spirit (likes to roam around). Then later, I found out he has a tendency to terrorize people on motorbikes and chase cars.  He was at one point being fed by 2 houses. Most recently, he has breakfast at my place.
Since last Wednesday he did not turn up in the morning. I wasn't that alarmed at first because he had gone missing for more than one week or more and turn up again....thinner.
On Sunday evening, I got confirmation from a neighbour that he was taken by MPPJ.
So yesterday we went to PAWS for the first time ever. We found him at the 4th class holding cell - adult, pure mongrel, no collar, no MPPJ tag..... no potential hope to be re-home...a.k.a. on death row.
Luckily, we managed to recognise him among the hundreds of strays in the holding area.

Who would have thought that we ended up recognizing more than Brownie at PAWS. Read on..

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