Monday, August 31, 2009

Jungle Boy

This was Haruki's first jungle excursion at Bukit Gasing.
he was so excited...I was a nervous wreck...hahaha..

Cute photos and captions by sis.

Photo taken on 29 Aug 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mon chien and I

Being the mother of a puppy... seems much like mothering a child, watching him grow and learn and develop. After a few weeks, the attachment became intense, and I understand now much more about the fears parents have as they watch their child, their baby, grow and interact with the world. Will he be healthy? Will he be all I hope for him to be? Can I protect him from dangers he knows nothing about? Will somebody take him from me? Will I make a mistake that will scar him for life? Am I a good dog parent? Will I someday make a good parent of children? I have found that the fears, the worries, the stress, the joys, the love-- they're all the same for me. I am in love with my little boy. And just like a mother, I wish I could keep him little longer or save some of his puppiness in a lockbox and take it out again someday when he's older and grown, when I can't pick him up and have him fall asleep on my shoulder, when his puppy breath and puppy fur are long gone. He will always be my little boy. And I will always love him. (source: NYT)

I couldn't say it any better than this!

Photo taken on 29 Aug 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A big boy

My boy turned ONE on Aug 10. He's growing up all too fast now. SEVEN HUMAN-EQUIVALENT YEARS has flashed time flies!!!

Once upon a time he was like this...

12 months on...

Health-conscious mama fed the boy with Bark-ery Mutt Loaf Cup Cakes
Ingredients: Mince beef or mince chicken, garlic, dried oregano, whole wheat bread, milk, ketchup, fresh parsley leaves, eggs, egg shells, olive oil, vegetable oil. Topping: sweet potatoes, parmesan cheese, olive oil. Garnishing: blueberries or cherries. 90% organic

Photos taken on 2 October 2008 and 29 Aug 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Looking good

And so... my dog goes for his first grooming session this weekend. For RM80...he got his ears cleaned, nails filed, paw pads cleaned and trimmed, scrubbed, conditioned and brushed. For another RM10, this could have paid for my one-hour aromatherapy massage session!!

I guess it's become a dog's world...when my toothpaste costs RM5 and Ruki's toothpaste costs a freaking' RM20.

I must say he looked extra handsome for an entire week. This photo taken after the session makes him look so masculine. He looks almost like a field dog here...waiting for the command to retrieve a gunned-down bird or something. Ok, field dogs would probably be all-muddied up and the garden hose is not helping in creating the out-on-the-field ambience. Oh well...

Photo taken on 23 Aug 2009