Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marathon Week 2

I've been working from home quite a bit recently.

Usually, I'll send my boy for daycare after his nap at 3pm because he spends his quality time (walking) with his granddad in the evening So, he knows he needs to be at daycare for it. My girl will always follow me home after the send-off. Some nights, I was unable to pick the boy up (due to work), he had spent two nights at daycare last week. In the evenings, granddad walks him over to my place and each time, my foster boy is around with us. I wonder whether Ruki figured he has been re-homed especially some nights, when it's time to leave, his grandma asks him to stay behind.

One thing's for sure, each time my boy comes home from his over-nights, he has been a little needier. He started to sit on the living room couch and on the bed.

Meanwhile, I figured my girl cannot be an only child ever. The few days when I was working from home and Ruki did not come home with us, she looked totally depressed. She just moped about. She didn't want to eat at all. One night, she vomited stomach acids and still, she didn't want to eat a single kibble (even by force). Also, she kept following me about the house like velcro dog.

When we finally went over to daycare, she was truly excited. She could not contain her happiness - leaping for joy and tail-wagging as she greeted her if she had not seen him for years. As predicted, she finally a horse!

This is how the kids are tonight. The boy had a very light dinner (a.k.a still hungry...and looking moody). So, the kids had a butter cookie each before bedtime.

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