Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Romeo and Juliet ..... and the lamp post

Things with the kids have been pretty much routine lately.

Wake up.
Hang around the garden while I water the plants.
Bark at neighbor's dogs.
Chase each other around the garden.
Wait for food. Eat food.
Get into car to daycare.
Say bye to momma.
Sleep. Wee. More sleep.
Wait. wait.wait.
Go for walk with Grand dad.
Eat dinner.
Wait for momma to come home.
Come home.
Go for scenting walk. Poo.
Dip in pool.
Roll on ground.
Momma turns on air-con in bedroom.
Wipe bodies and pep talk.

Only thing different these days is that we have a "Romeo meets Juliet" scene every night.

My uptown girl is rather smitten by her downtime boy, a scrawny mongrel with suspected flea issues. Despite this, I let them have their fun chasing around the garden and wrestling each other on the ground. Sometimes, my boy feels like a lamp post during these visits.