Sunday, September 9, 2012

World class dodger

When it comes to taking medicine of any kind, Riko must be the master dodger. This week, she is due to get a second tick spray and deworming tablet. Her reaction is the same as of a kid being forced to take her medicine.

Somehow, she detects that her meals have been tainted despite being camouflaged with cheese sprinkles and chicken stock.

She's willing to go on a hunder strike for fear of being "poisoned"...

When momma says "come here...", it means somethin's up".

With more medicine I'm feeding her these days, she has even resorted to find a new hiding place. 
Note the limited eye contact when found.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My girl, the drooler

As you may already know, my girl shares my bed. We have our allocated zone. Left for me. Lower right for her. Well, sometimes she crosses the line like this.

Just like what is in her brother's breakfast bowl is better than hers, she often feels that the bed is always better on my side. I don't mind that she warms the bed before me. But lately, it has not only been's been wet. Hmmm...from her drooling!