Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life in times of haze and heat

I thought things have settled down pretty much.
Girl house-trained. Everyone goes to day care.
Then, girl goes on heat. Boy becomes a monk. ((Good boy))
Everybody comes home every night - one big happy family.

Then, one day last week - both Dori and Riko decided conspired to stay at home instead of going to day care. So, they were home alone all day. I wonder what were they up to together.

But, I guess they were bored to death because the next day, Dori didn't want to go home and Riko decided she will stay on with her at Daycare. And, I had some one-on-one time with my boy at home. It seemed like a good thing  after all, he spent two weeks at day care full time when Dori first arrived.  

The next night, Riko decided she wanted to stay overnight at Daycare on her own. So, I came home with Ruki and Dori. And the next night, Riko stayed on with her brother at daycare. So, I came back with Dori. By now, I didn't know who will come home with me every night.

Then, Ruki decided to end his monk-hood.
...and the haze came...complicating the whole arrangement at day care because the kids have to stay indoor. Since Ruki has now a big crush (literally) on Dori now ...they cannot co-exist under one roof!

So, the girls are home alone at my place, while Ruki is at day care.

Last night, I did a crazy thing. I brought my boy home because he refused to come indoors at day care despite the heavy haze. My house windows were all closed. All the air-conditioners were turned up. Everyone was indoors as if it was a cold winter's night (except that it was all haze outside).

Well, I must say it was not the best idea to have a sex maniac hot-blooded casanova, dumb blond and innocent brunette schoolgirl under one roof. It was like playing musical rooms - there's a girl's room and boy's room. One door can open at one time and everyone took turns to play and pee.


Friday, June 21, 2013

It's all in their names

I have a confession to make.
I've been secretly calling her Dori for some time now.
When I used to call her Puri, I always visualising "Bali" or something Indonesian. Like I remember our old indo maid - Puji. Her original given name Bori draws a blank image in my mind most of the time. Sometimes, I think of barley when I call her (Bori means barley in Korean). But, Bori always seemed way to masculine for her.
So, searching for a close enough sounding Japanese name, it was Dori.
Midori - her new full name seems more fitting for her character...like Princess Midori.
Now, each time I call her, Ellen DeGeneres's face pops up in my head (more than her fish character in Finding Nemo) for some reason.
Sometimes I call her "Dor" for short, I am thinking of some Swedish barbarian-looking guy. Oh well.... I can't help thinking in images.
Haruki - means sunshine in Japanese. He was named after my favourite Japanese author - Haruki Murukami.
Mariko - means village girl. My favourite Japanese girl name. I remembered it from the first time I heard it in "Shogun" starring Richard Chamberlain. Mariko was his love interest.
Midori - means green. My favourite colour. Co-incidentally my favourite female character from my favourite Murukami novel - Norwegian Wood was called Midori.
So, finally these many variation for each of them which I use... (yes, the name calling probably confused them).
Long name = Haruki
Medium name =  Haruk, Ruki
Short name = Ruk
Long name = Mariko
Medium name =  Marik, Riko
Short name = Rik
Long name = Midori
Medium name =  Mido, Dori
Short name = Dor

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not time to surrender her ovaries

It looks like Puri will keep her ovaries for another 2 months.
Her original appointment two weeks ago was cancelled due to her sudden paralysis. I managed to re-schedule to the next earliest appointment set for today.... but I had to postpone to Friday due to work. Then, the vet called to cancel our Friday appointment because of insufficient vet for the procedure.
When we finally set a new appointment for next Monday, Puri decided to go on heat.
Started out with some spots of blood on the floor, two days ago. At first, I thought it was from their overzealous playing as I did see some wrestling bite marks on Riko's leg recently. Everybody was body-checked....nothing suspicious came up. Even my Romeo boy (barometer) did not raise an alarm about anyone on heat at home. 

I think my boy has turned into a monk.
Last night, he paid no attention to Puri but mysteriously wanted to sleep indoors with the girls. Hmmm.... For fear of hanky-panky while I was sleeping, I had to throw him outside.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Training at Breakfast

 Everyone has to have some manners during meal times. This means sitting calmly and waiting for the command "OK Food" before eating. I think Puri is getting the concept although hunger sometimes get the better of her.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

All aboard

I guess everybody will go to Day Care from now on.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Day at Day Care

This morning, it was Puri's turn to she has had enough of being home alone. She has been watching how my kids get up the car. For the past week, she has been lurking around the car door to figure out how to do it herself. Today, she thought that she can graduate from Home Care to Day Care. So, she decided to climb into the car with Ruki.


When it is time for grandparents to go out, no hanging around the driveway/ garden or "escorting" the car down the driveway or running outside the gate. My kids are trained from young to take position at the pond bridge by command "ON THE BRIDGE".

Puri needs to be trained as well. Like today, she escorted the car out the driveway  and ran out the gate. NOOOOOO... my parents will not be happy with this :(

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


After more than 2 weeks at Daycare, my boy has had enough of boot camp.

Yesterday evening, he jumped into the car to head home. And so he went home ....to find a girl in the house. Of course, he was all smitten and wanted to hump her immediately. After several attempts, he gave up and decided to just be friends.

Puri is re-scheduled for spaying procedure next Thursday (13 June).

Girl wrestling

This is what it looks like. Maybe Puri was doing too much of this lately.
This video was taken over the weekend (post sudden paralysis).
Nowadays, I have to act as a referee in during such matches.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

You are what you eat

My boy is on home-cooked meals in the morning and loves it. He has been on it since his health scare last year. My girl has never been a fan, preferring kibbles. Commercial dog food especially kibbles and treats (absolutely no) are so convenient but nothing beats fresh foods and knowing what is in the food you feed your kids. Now everyone is on home-cooked meals. I must say they have a more balanced diet that me!
Kampong chicken, organs, fish, fruits, vegetables, ginger & turmeric, fish or coconut oils

My Starter reference

Imagine a prey animal.

Most of the animal is made up of meat and bones. A prey animal in the wild is a lean animal - not fat and plump like those raised domestically for meat. The amount of meat to bone is close to 50/50. Perhaps a little more meat than bone overall, but not overly much. Then you have the organs. Imagine the amount of organs compared to the bones. It is a much smaller percentage of the whole animal than the bones and meat.  Now vegetable matter. In the animals stomach and intestines there will be things like grasses, herbs, berries, seeds and so forth. No grains really apart from some grass seeds in season. Lots of leafy green vegetable matter all pulped up. Again though, it is a smaller percentage than the amount of bones and meat. Imagine the prey animal living in an environment that is not overgrazed and has lovely healthy rich soil. The diet it is eating is full of nutrients and trace elements and has good levels of omega 3's. The prey animal is also a 'whole animal and includes the things most people don't buy commercially such as eyes and brain etc (things higher in omega 3's). To emulate this, we can include things like kelp/alfalfa and flax/fish oil. In its stomach along with all those vegetables, it will also have some enzymes and bacteria. This is where things like probiotics (eg yoghurt) can come in to the picture. So, here we have the basic 'animal' that forms the foundation of the diet. Picture all the bits together in the proportions you might find them in the animal.

Now picture them in your dog's bowl.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back to normal?

Puri seems to be back to her old self again. I wonder what happened a few days ago to cause her acute immobility. Today, the handyman came to fix some things in the house. As usual, she was the busy body. She thought she could be his apprentice.... perhaps hold the ladder for him or maybe, fetch tools to him.