Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Operation Save the Dogs (STDs) - The Sequel

What are the odds that we find another familiar dog at PAWS?
My sisters headed for the 3rd and 4th class (i.e. strays, no collar, no adoption hope) hold up cells, out back of the center. I was quite blur... I started searching for Brownie in the wrong holdup area. If I hadn't been at the wrong place, we would not have noticed a beagle amongst the mass of dogs standing on urine-stained cement floor.

OMG....I thought Bowser 2. How awful. He had a blank gaze. When I called his name, there wasn't an immediate response. When he finally looked up, so did the many dogs in the cage....pouncing against the net, barking...take me..take me..




As we did not know it was Bowser, we thought he was a good candidate for our uncle to adopt. We just asked the caretakers why he was sent there. We were told the owner did not have time to take care.
I made some calls to my aunt to ask her to check on Bowser and whether our uncle wants the dog. If our uncle wanted, I will go get him in later that afternoon. After some calls, we found out that Bowser was sent to the shelter by the new owner around CNY period.
So we headed for PAWS again the first thing in the morning.
Statement from my aunt (conversation with new owner)
Apparently, the new owner had to go outstation. Passed the dog to a friend. Friend could not take care and sent to a shelter. After revisiting the facts, I think it was the new owner that left him there
Statement from PAWS
The dog was ABANDONED in the DOORSTEPS of PAWS with his MKA certificate on Feb 15 BEFORE the place opened
My theory
If I were to pass my dog to a friend to dog sit, I don't think I need to pass his MKA cert as well. So, I think the new owner did it himself!
The new owner could not care for the dog. Passed ownership of him with cert to "friend", who in turn dumped him at PAWS.
Hence, he was sitting and sleeping with 50 strange dogs in the urine-stained hold up for a month. We had him taken out. See Meng's wife Kim was already in tears. We called his name...he could not recognise my mum or Kim. There were some similarities in looks but no response to name. He looked smaller in frame. Kim was convinced it was not Bowser. (which was worse...this meant Bowser was still missing or rehomed somewhere).
We checked with the Office Manager (Agnes). We only knew that he was left in a shelter around CNY and his birth date. We had to counter confirm with the new owner whether he was sent to PAWS Subang.
Co-incidentally, he was left there on 15 Feb (around CNY) and was born on 10 October 2010 - same as the birth cert, but no one knew the breeder info or the exact date he was left there. In a way, it is lucky that we had the birth cert to cross check.


So, we decided to take him home. Adoption fee RM400. He was neutered and dewormed...but smelling of urine.
Took him to the groomers. He has ticks. So, he got a tick bath and the complete works. Checked for heartworm - tested clear. Had is neutering stitches taken out because the nylon stitches were left inside.

When we got to my uncle's house, my uncle recognized him immediately. Quote - one look also know it's him la...*curse & swear at new owner*....bring out the milk!.
Checked the old scar in his face. The maid (reason he was sent away) cried because she said who in the world will leave a dog outside the shelter.
Now at Uncle's and Cousin's house to jog his memory.
On the way home, I was telling my mum...how lucky are we to chance upon him there. "Must buy number". My mum said she already jotted down his MKA cert number. 

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