Sunday, March 24, 2013

I will get the vet's prognosis tomorrow

Brownie today - runny nose, lots of eye discharge

He didn't use to look like this. He's often been mistaken (like myself) as some neighbour's dog because he looked pretty healthy. I only to find out later that he was actually homeless and partially taken care "food-wise" by a neighbour.

Update: I've been asked to get a second opinion since the first opinion was the test kit as the vet was not on site to physically examine him.

Yes, I will need an expert opinion and a house call as he cannot make a trip to the vet. I guess the vet has to bring meds for both options - to put him down and antibiotic, flu and serious booster jab to increase his immunity, depending on the prognosis.

There will be hope if he takes his medication. Otherwise, it will just deteriorate and will be a bad situation all round. :(

Disease progression from Wikipedia

The virus first appears in bronchial lymph nodes and tonsils two days after exposure. The virus then enters the blood stream on the second or third day. A first round of acute fever tends to begin around three to eight days after infection, which is often accompanied by a low white blood cell count, especially of
lymphocytes, as well as low platelet count. These signs may or may not be accompanied by anorexia, a runny nose, and discharge from the eye.

This first round of fever typically recedes rapidly within 96 hours, and then a second round of fever begins around the 11th or 12th day and lasts at least a week. Gastrointestinal and respiratory problems tend to follow, which may become complicated with secondary bacterial infections.

Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, otherwise known as encephalomyelitis, is either associated with this, subsequently follows, or comes completely independent of these problems. A thickening of the footpads sometimes develops, and vesicularpustular lesions on the abdomen usually develop. Neurological symptoms typically are found in the animals with thickened footpads from the virus. About half of sufferers experience meningoencephalitis.

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