Monday, February 22, 2010

Goodbye is the hardest thing to do...

So, I will be on my vacation for the next 2 weeks.
This means my kids will be on full board at daycare. *sob* *sob*
Daycare is under strict instructions to report on their wellbeing, with photo evidence on Facebook. No scrappy excuses...

Hope they have a blast in "summer camp"...literally with army-style camp instructor and sleeping outside at night with the mosquitoes. *sob* *sob*

Like Ruki, I'll miss some formative weeks for my girl. She'll be a mini dog when I get back. *tear*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010




As you can see, my boy's very photogenic.

(Photos at 1 year and 1.5 years)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



...and now...

She's has this studious look in her.

Poo Report #3
Riko had solid poo a 5.30 pm (hooray!!), followed by big loud fart at 9.30pm (again?).
We are not in the clear yet.

(Photos at 6 weeks and 10 weeks)

The poo saga continues....

The poor girl was still having soft poo yesterday. It looked like it was slowly forming to solid in the afternoon. But went back to black mush by evening. Excuse the graphic's for future medical reference.

So, she' still on her chicken and rice diet....and she's likin' it. Maybe, being sick has its privileges. ;)

Poo Report #2
Chickened out of leaving the backdoor open again.
Went for Plan B - laying newspaper all over the kitchen floor.
Woke up at 6:10am. No smell. No poo.
Let them out. Both sleepyheads just sat in the driveway wondering why we were evacuating the building. Left the backdoor open and went back to bed.

Got up at 10am. My bad.
My bag was on the floor and stuff all strewn.
While I was sleeping, she ate a soft rubber and an angpow with ten bucks inside :(
BUT, NO ACCIDENTS in the house.
I didn't see her poo today yet.

Mariko on Feb 16, 2010 (she looks so skinny here)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

My boy was the last thought I had before dozing off last night.

So, he came in my dream...rather it was a nightmare.
I saw his front paw literally fall off from his leg. Leaving behind a square heel of a (human)shoe on the stump of his foot. I can't explain it any clearer then this.

I think it must be some random mash-up between wondering why his front left paw was looking limpy during our night obedience session plus inspecting my favourite NineWest workshoe's peeling heel earlier this week.

My shoe...


A case of a worry wart..closed

The Law of Attraction

Today, I'm so focused on getting solid poo for my wouldn't believe it.

Poo Report #1
Got up at 6.45am. She'd already made 2 dumps by the back door.
I think she really wanted to do the number 2 outside. That's why they are so near the entrance. Last night, I wanted to leave the backdoor ajar for her...but chickened out imagining the cats or rats coming in. Well...a stoopid cat got in twice before!
While I was cleaning it up, she was sitting in a corner looking pretty embarrassed. Poor girl.
My boy went to the backyard for a sniff. Came running back in and sat up rubbing his bum. I think he thought he did it! hahahaha...he's such a silly billy...

Back to bed and woke up again at 8.45am.
She's on boiled rice and chicken for breakfast.

(Mariko at 3 months, Feb 14 2010)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My baby's all grown up

...and sticking to big brother like glue.

playing together...she's the ringleader. Excuse the full-frontal...btw everything's still intact hehehe..;)

sniffing together boy's forte. Look how much she's grown! :D

eating boy's such a doll. He allows her to have his food. I literally have to hold my girl down before she lunges in for a second dinner :O

sleeping together...finally she's learnt to thread gingerly around big brother while he is sleeping..

It's 10.30 pm. Ruki's gone to bed (the bedroom) has Riko...*sweets* :)

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy chinese new year from my household too!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poo Problem

My girl has been having runny poo. Poor girl. Poor boy too. He wouldn't step into the kitchen area for his food until the mess is cleaned up.

So, I've been on major poo cleaning duty all week. It has not been pleasant. This week was the first time I heard dog farts and smelt the silent bombs. hahahaha...she's does all this while sleeping!! o.O

For the life of me, I had no idea what could have cause this chronic syndrome...until today....while wiping her poo. Change her,, change her feeding time...OHH!! *lightbulb moment*

So, every since I got home at 4am last Sunday morning....I have been sleeping late and waking up after 9am the whole week. Getting to work at 11.30am :D. I have been feeding the kids at 10am, not the usual 8.30am. Possibly, they may be starving by 10am...

starving = gas built-up = eating too fast = swallowing air + indigestion = runny poo.

Now, I pray for solid poo every night. Ok, I have to sleep early from now on too...

Monday, February 1, 2010

New meaning of pure bliss

Kids exercised, schooled, cleaned, fed and sleeping.

Just enjoying some quiet time in a clean home with my favourite music, a delicious slice of mille crepes, good coffee and a great book.