Sunday, October 14, 2012

My boy...the wounded warrrior

My son was attacked by a neighbour's German Sheppard while walking with his grand dad this evening. Okay, I think I may have exaggerated a little on the "warrior" bit. According to grand dad, when the black dog a.k.a. Darth Vader rushed out from the gates, my boy "Luke Skywalker" laid down like a sacrificial lamb. Although he has a fierce-sounding bark, my poor boy does not have a mean bone in him. After the confrontation, they continued doing their usual route, not knowing that the wound was deep.
As it was a Sunday, I had to take him to the animal hospital downtown. This is my boy looking like a trooper on arrival at the vet. The vet medical assistant remembered my boy ( or maybe the the psycho woman who came with her dog at 3 a.m.).

The wound left a hole in his right chest, about 2.5 inches long. According to the vet, it tore the muscle too. :(
He got 2 jabs - antibiotics and painkillers. His wounds were cleaned but had to be left open.

Poor boy needs stitches tomorrow as there are no doctors today. He will need to be under anaesthesia. Thankfully, he'll still get his dinner tonight. Then, no food after 11 p.m. until after his stitches are done because on aneaesthetics.

Tonight, he has started to limp and looks like he's in some discomfort :( 
I'm glad he is sleeping for now. I hope I'm strong enough to make it through the night and not end up driving to the hospital at 3 a.m. again.
Update (Mon 15 Oct): My boy got chest-shaved and stitched up this morning. Doc said his wound was filled with fur which is not a good thing. I'm thinking that it might have been better the vet shaved the area last night, when she cleaned his wound. Doing well. Doc said he can still go for his bed rest necessary.
Med bill @ Animal Hospital - RM205 (consult, general cleaning, painkiller & antiboitic injections)
Med bill @ Section 17 vet - RM250 (consult, anaethesia, stitches, painkiller injection, 10-days of painkiller & antibiotics)
hmm.... I think I found my new vet (after my old vet moved) and my boy is 40 kg. He needs to go on diet again.

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