Saturday, October 27, 2012

Casualty of Dogs

This weekend, I became a casualty of dogs once again. Precisely, Brownie the stray. It was a high-speed dog (him) collision  with stationary object (me) from behind. I was knocked off both feet and landed on my bum! My lower back is sore now and I had to skip gym this weekend.

This is the second collision with him. The first time was a head-on collision where he ran towards Ruki and me at high-speed, hit my shin and knees. That time I managed to re-balance myself (barely). I seriously think he has no braking system what so ever. I am still angry with him.

Offender 1: Haruki
My son's most severe offence was causing my sprained ankle - which still has not completely healed. I've resolved to the fact that it might be permanently damaged. For grand dad, it was falling on the ground and losing his favourite sunglasses.

Offender 2: Mariko
I can't recall anything as severe as a sprained ankle. Let's leave it this way.
But, my girl has the tendency to skip-walk which makes it all jerky walking her around. This means it's not good on my knees and wrists. Apart from that, just a whole lot of guilt trips for me, as she doesn't get to walk on weekdays and only gets to 2-street walks on weekends.

Offender 3: Cousin Bowzer
Last week, he caused the maid the fall and she broke her wrist. Apparently, it needs to be operated. As a result of this and previous offences (like making his grandpa fall during their walks), I heard that he was given away to someone else this weekend. Grandma packed his bags while son and family were away on vacation. How tragic! Personally, I'm not agreeable with the shouldn't be that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. The boy should be sent to Obedience School to be schooled.... not to be sent away. Just my opinion.

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