Friday, September 2, 2011

The night my girl took me to her boyfriend's house

My girl and I have always taken the same walking route every night for the past few months. I found that this routine worked the best with the kids because I'd know where the cat zones were, the default Haruki poo plots and cat poo caviar buffet stretches were. For Riko, her route had less houses with dogs and street cats because she tends to react to them by jerking on the leash a lot.

Two things happened in the nights before tonight. For the past week, strangely her toy boy Brownie hasn't been around the block. Gone missing. Riko has been trying to sniff out scents on certain stretches of streets. The night before we had did an extended route which we passed by the house I suspected to be where Brownie lived. No Brownie. There we were standing right in front of a stranger's gate for the longest time because my girl refused to leave.

The next night, we headed out the gate as we always do for months. As usual,my girl zipped a few feet ahead up the road until we reached the first right turn.

There, my girl made an unscheduled right turn and charged forward. I stopped her and tugged her back to our usual direction. Her feet stood rooted to the ground. She refused to budge unless I was going where she wanted to go. So, I followed her ..... to her boyfriend's house.

When we arrived at his doorstep, we found Brownie tied to the gate. She was mighty glad to see him. Tail-wagging and all. Brownie's owner told us that he was in detention for biting someone. She was kind enough to release him and he followed us back home to play for a couple of hours. I think my girl was very happy that night. And I (in a way) meet my in-laws.

Images: "Walk the dog" from my 2011 Sketchbook called "Make mine a double"

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