Monday, August 30, 2010

Haruki's feeling love sick now

Ever since my Riko became the most beautiful dog in the neighbourhood, Ruki has been suffering from a severe bad case of puppy love.

He didn't eat the whole of Sunday and on Saturday, he had a tiny dinner since he forgot to eat his breakfast. He won't listen to me. He won't come when being called. He won't wait at the door until I give the command to come in. Since he's panting quite a bit in the afternoon (due to the chase and heat), he's been dipping a lot from the outdoor tub. Worst of all, he's been charging through doors all wet to make sure he doesn't get left behind or locked out. I've been so mindful that my injured foot doesn't get stepped on in the process. For that matter, it might be wise to save my right foot (if I had to choose) since having one good foot is better than having none!

I've been trying to keep them indoors to avoid the embarrassment of public sex in my garden. So, he's just follows her around the house. Last Saturday, thinking they were asleep in the room (no panting, just silence), I found them romping on my bed! Well, Riko probably wanted some alone time on the bed....and my boy decided to join in. (Before this, he never gets on the bed unless to wake me up when I oversleep).

He has become so obsessed with Riko that he has been panting all the time now. So, last night, we decided to have him full board at day care just to make sure he had a good night's rest. I think he had a good rest because we sure did back at No.6 Haruki. It was reported that when we left, he was standing at the gate for a long time. Then coming into the house...only to return to the gate after a while. Poor boy.

He must have been so exhausted. I know he didn't nap well in the afternoon...and the night before because he's thinking of her. Total love sick - can't eat, can't sleep. Apparently, this morning he eat half his portion and he was sleeping quite a bit. When Grandma was out hanging the clothes, he found Riko's old panties (what?) frolicking in some pandanus bushes with it.

Photo on 29 August 2010

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