Saturday, September 4, 2010

Keep calm and carry on

Today, I was making the most of my lazy Saturday morning catching up with the final episodes of my Hong Kong series. I noticed that my girl was making a few trips into the guest bathroom and fiddling with something...which she never does. She was acting all suspicious as I watched her with one eye and the Chinese series with the other.

All the sudden, she dashed out of the guest bathroom into the master bedroom, across the corridor. Ahead of her was a small black creature. RAT!!!! Well, I instantly I jumped up my chair with my camera in hand (it was a blog-moment). This is the view from up there.

Needless to say, my boy ran into the room to investigate. Great...there's going to be a blood bath in my room! Strangely, it was all quiet in there. Both of them sat patiently next to the bed. I could see something black under my bed. Yeeewww!!!

Now, my bedroom windows have mosquito netting... so, there's no way out except through the room door. After a few minutes of silence, my kids came out very calm and sat in the living if nothing happened. That's when I called for back-up.

Back-up arrived in about 10 minutes...with lunch too. Wah! so good service. It turned out to be a baby squirrel which came in during the night. It was let out through the window - all shaken up. My kids ran into the garden and gave chase. Ruki caught it in his mouth..then let it go..then, both of them chased it again. The poor soul must be totally exhausted by the ordeal. Finally, we called the kids to stand down...and our house guest escaped through the fence.

Good thing my kids was gently holding the squirrel. Both got their mouths thoroughly rinsed after that. Thank God it wasn't a rat!

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