Saturday, August 21, 2010

One going on to Two

Since my big puppy turned two this month, I put together some photos to see how his life has changed in the past year.

These days, my boy is never on the couch ... unless in hot pursuit of Miss Riko.

Moving objects do not excite him that much as he has handed the reigns over Miss Riko to give first chase or tackle.

He hardly ever snitches anything lying around because there are more adult things to do like go walking and humping.

He doesn't find it all that exciting to retrieve a ball for tiny treats. But, he'll fetch anything if the reward is to go walking.

He loves his girl(friend) enough to allow her to wrestle him down.

But, some things never change like sniffing around, chasing cats and marking his territory...and humping for that matter.

My boy's always a trooper at the vet, who doesn't own an animal scale. Each time, the vet carries my boy on the scale and deducts his weight to get my boy's weight. So, I always wonder whether he's really 80 pounds...maybe plus/minus 5 pounds.

When I get up in the morning, he's always waiting for me by the bathroom door like this. When we come home at night, he does the same because I always shower when I get home. He always rinses his face in the shower before bedtime.

Like momma, he still hates the heat. He's never out in the afternoons unless absolutely necessary

He thinks it's ok to lick his yogurt lying down.

He still loves the water!

and, he thinks it's great to still be able to do his frog pose at two!

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