Friday, August 20, 2010

Slow days ahead

Ever since my sports doctor (yeah, I have one now) ordered full bed/ couch rest, things at home have come to a standstill. All previous routines disrupted.

Nowadays, mornings are threaded with caution. You don't see me walking pass the bookshelf where I keep the door keys or going near the front door. This is to avoid any notion of dog-walking in the boy's mind. Once we get up, breakfast is promptly served. After their meals, I will declare to them that it's morning nap time.

This week, the mornings have been cool. Here's the boy basking in the morning sun.

Poor kids lay in total boredom till late afternoon. Luckily, they are pretty laid back. My girl occasionally comes over to get her head patted. My boy usually naps in the master bathroom and I don't see him until he's done napping.

Then, at around 3 pm, my boy wakes up from his nap. He lounges on the floor waiting for the sun to cool or until he's good and ready to get up.

Like clockwork, he will come over to nudge me at 4.30pm because he is ready to go out. If I don't get up after a few nudges, he will start to lecture (bark) me. If that didn't work, he will start to clamber all over me on the coach. Then, Miss Riko will join in the fun until I finally get up. Then, my boy escorts me into the bathroom to get changed. He follows me around the house... right up to the car to make sure that I don't get distracted from doing other things.

When we get to daycare, he wants to go for his walk. And, he's one boy with a persistent face! Luckily, Granddad has been taking him out all week. Ever since I became is sole dog-walker, he hadn't been bugging my dad to take him out walking. Grand dad was wondering why he started to bug him on weekdays again. I think my boy thinks it's the weekend because I'm at home.

He's happy and contented because for the past week, everyday was a weekend to him!

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