Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mariko is a male magnet now

Our morning (4 am, 6 am, 9am) started out with Ruki on her tail. He was trying to latch on her all morning. In his hot pursuit, he forgot to eat his breakfast!

I think my girl is finding it annoying that Ruki has suddenly gone all-velcro on her.

Afterall, on normal afternoons he usually naps in the master bathroom to get away from the pesky girl. But, now he's guarding his prized possession.

One good thing is the boy checks on her every time he wakes up and cleans up any messes.

The whole day, where ever she is...he is there. About 6 inches apart.

While Ruki is watching her like a frisky hawk, I'm watching both of them like a mother hawk with one good foot! My only break time is when they are both napping. I wonder how long more this will be. I already miss the days when he was just humping cushions.

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