Monday, August 16, 2010

The day has come

My sister tells me over tea time yesterday that she dreamt that Riko got pregnant...wobbly tits and all. My girl was laying under the table. Sis looked down and said "Is that blood?". And suddenly, my baby's all grown up!

My boy stayed overnight at daycare. My girl came to visit this afternoon.

Here she is looking a bit moody and wondering what's with the ridiculous fashion momma is putting her through.

But, all moodiness was forgotten once we reached daycare. She felt too excited to see her brother. Thankfully, the boy did not get horny in any way. Grandma had to tie a sash to secure her panties because she was wagging her tail to hard.

After a long moody day, she slept like a log. I had to move the old sheets under her on the bed, she slept through the whole process... as if she was heavily sedated.

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