Sunday, August 15, 2010

Occupational hazzards

On weekdays, I may be bossing people around...but on weekends, I'm basically the dog walker....serving my kids hand-and-foot. Well, this weekend, I served my left foot.

I managed to sprain my ankle after losing my footing while holding off my boy from getting too close to a (silly) toy dog in the park. The good news is it will give me time to kick my leg up (recovery includes keeping my foot elevated at all times to reduce swelling).. and catch up on some leisure reading.

The bad news is saying "No" to my boy and feeling all guilty for not doing my weekend job well. Here is he waiting patiently to go for a walk after his sunday afternoon nap.

When patience runs thin, he moves closer to nudge me to go out.

Here's his still-hopeful face after I said "No walk-walk".

My poor boy...He's is the culprit and yet, he's the single most important reason driving me to full and permanent recovery right now. :D

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