Friday, June 11, 2010

Hump Interruptus

I suppose after this photo, this blog will turn PG18.

I can't remember exactly when he started to know about the birds and the bees. All I know is when he started out with his humping pillow, the pillow was way bigger than him. Now, he's bigger than his pillow and not so much fun!

So when he moved on to my 3-seater sofa cushion, I knew he was finally grown up. My cushion had a beige cover and he used to drag it to the garden like some sort of conquest a.k.a giant yellow lab b*tch o.O For my cushion safety, I changed its cover back to burnt orange.

He seems to like some variety too. He never really humped legs until New Year's Day this year. At first, I thought he was intrigued by black leggings because he'll sometimes try to climb onto my yoga legging-ed leg. But lately, I think any guest's leg will do. He's also been trying to get on Riko. My tiny girl thinks he wants to play and lies on her belly immediately.. HAHAHAHA. Nowadays, when he tries to mount on his hump pillow, Riko will comes to the "rescue" to sit on the pillow...ala hump interruptus. As long as he doesn't sit on Riko, all is well.

We have to keep a watchful eye on him since my girl is gonna be all grown up soon. This weekend, we have a pet event and afternoon tea. I'm seriously hoping that he will be at his best behaviour.

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