Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little Kunta Kinte

Now, Ruki is clearly a show bred Labrador - shorter on leg, has a heavier body, thicker tail and coat than a field bred Lab. Most show bred Labradors have a shorter muzzle and wider head than a field bred Lab.

This is an example the body of a show bred Lab.

Ruki Boy...

Field dogs tend to have a lighter body and longer legs. Their coats aren't as thick and their tails tend to be thinner.

This is an example the body of a field Lab.

Riko Girl

The field bred Labrador's head is generally not as wide as a show bred Lab and the muzzle tends to be longer.

Riko Girl's side profile

And, the different shades of brown in the sunlight...

So, I would say I have a field-bred "American" and show-bred "English" line of Labradors in my family.

Reference to American or English Labradors

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