Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BattleSCAR Girl

Like every normal morning, the kids are fooling around before and after their morning walks. This can range from chasing each other around the house, toy tugging/ snatching, wrestling, jumping on the couch and hiding under the couch. The scariest is "prey chasing". This is when Ruki goes chasing Riko as if she was a cat or something. Now, my spunky girl is usually totally fearless...sometimes instigating the chase again after being "attacked". Normally, I will break up the "role play" after a minute or so.

Today, my boy bit her too hard and she came off limping. Poor girl. I checked her fore leg but she didn't make any pain whines. So, I gave her a pill for pain as a precaution. When grand-dad heard what I prescribed, he said how do you expect her to survive in the wild. Reminded me of the time when Ruki was limped for a day at 10 weeks old. It freaked me out enough to drive to his vet at Ikano only to get painkillers from the visit. Nowadays, I'm pretty laid back...pop her a pill and give her full rest.

But still, I worry about Riko because she has mighty long skinny legs..like chopsticks...dog-version of Kate Moss. She loves to run and be chased by her brother.

Photo on 30 May 2010

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