Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paw problems

My boy cut his paw pad during his walk last weekend. It's a deep cut in his right hind leg. He seems to be fine - no limping, no whining. Such a trooper.

I was worried that he's in some pain..but NOPE. It's business as usual. This means no slacking on the morning walks, mama! ;)

The wound is being cleaned twice a day. I've tried wrapping it to keep out the dirt. He will patiently leave it on until it get in his way. Today, he wore an old sock but it stayed on for a minute before it fell out.

I need a nifty boot like this...not some make-shift red cloth.

I looked up my lab forum. Apparently, there's not much one can do because the vets does not stitch it even though it's deep (tho' one dog got his wound glued up by the vet). Just need to keep the wound clean and dry....which may be a challenge in rainy weather. Plus, I can't reason with my boy that it's not a good idea to walk with an injured paw.

Photos on 26 June 2010

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