Friday, June 25, 2010

Pink panties for breakfast

So, today I decided to work from home and spend some time with my kids.

I was awaken at 7.45am by the sound of rummaging in the bathroom. I yelled out RIKO and sure enough, she scrambled out of the room. Sure enough, she handpicked my undies by climbing into the bathtub to get to the laundry pile. When I went outside, there was paper strewn all over the garden by the usual suspect, Riko...who decided to check out the rubbish bag by the gate this morning. By now, they were tugging my panties around the garden, chasing each other around the car...and I was fuming mad!

For an hour, I totally ignored them. By now, the stolen item laid surrendered in the garden. Ruki knew he was in deep trouble when I dumped the panties into his bowl. He nudged me every ten minutes to signal for his walk. Each time, he got NAUGHTY BOY...and he went away to his corner to feel sorry (normally, he will nudge incessantly until I got up my chair). The silly girl, on the other hand, probably cannot relate her wrongdoing to her cold shoulder punishment. She went about running oblivious of the trouble she was in.

At around 9am, she ran into the house with upturned ears looking silly. I burst out laughing at her cute face. Usually only one ear get upturned at a she must have been running at top speed to achieve this look. ;)

Poor boy is often sucked into Riko's mischief. So, he got to go for his walk later that morning.

Photos on 25 June 2010

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