Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super velcro boy

What you didn't know from my day out with Riko yesterday was that my boy frisked us both when we got down the car upon arrival home. I'm quite certain he smelled something "doggy" going on between us that he missed out on.

The next morning, Ruki made sure he was the first to jump up the car (when usually, he will wait for everyone to get in and the car air-con running a few minutes before jumping in). Then, we got to day care, he made sure everyone got down the car before him to ensure no one sneaks out behind his back(normally, he is first out). When I was leaving to run errands at 1pm, he was first to jump in and refused to come out. It was blazing hot. On normal days, he will stand by the front door at daycare peering out with a look that said "come back and pick me up's too hot now" when I motion him to get into the car. But today, he was ready to battle the heat to find out where we went yesterday. During the 20-minute ride, Ruki was at first in the front seat enjoying the cool air-con...then, jumping to the backseat to stick his head out of the window for wind-blown ears...then, back at the front. Four times each way...the kids were switching from front to back o.O

The photo above is of SuperVelcro Boy and VelcroGirl huddled at the back seat refusing to come down the aircon-less dog mobile (switched off as last resort) when I had to go out again at 3pm.

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