Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taming the mongrel

It now seems that Brownie spends his weekends at our place. He checks in every Friday night. After breakfast, everybody naps. When we go out, he goes off wandering until evening when he comes back to sleep.

At breakfast, I'm still training him to sit and wait for the command to eat. I think he's slowly getting it. At least, he has stopped lunging for his bowl or growling at my kids when they are near his bowl.

Last weekend

This weekend
I've decided to feed him at the porch now because he's getting the notion that there's food indoors and wants to get into the house any chance he can. One good thing so far is he has been polite...maybe too polite... having his meal sitting down! Well, that is not normal so I have to correct him once he starts eating.

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