Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Big Breakfast

So, the morning after, I served them all breakfast in the kitchen.

Brownie looks emancipated in broad daylight. He couldn't wait to have his food. Food comprised of premium dog kibbles, long-grain basmati rice, beef bits, chicken feet (from my lunch doggy bag yesterday) and two omelettes (which my kids didn't touch from their dinner last night). Meanwhile, my boy was waiting patiently on the side, despite being served his food an hour later than usual. After Brownie finished his breakfast, he started to growl and snarl at Ruki having his breakfast next to him. My boy was oblivious about what he was doing...courtesy of privileged upbringing, probably. The food guarding behaviour didn't stop. So, the house broom came out and Brownie was led outdoors.

After that, my kids were hanging around the kitchen looking rather "snooty bored". Riko decided to skip her breakfast. I guess she has never experienced food scarcity a day in her life. We still have to coax her to eat at every meal time! And my boy...well, my boy was "looking after her food". This meant when no one is looking, he'll steal a few bites from Riko's plate.

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