Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look momma... POO!

Last night, my girl was on a scenting streak (which is sometimes normal). Unfortunately, she got overly excited at one point and picked up some dried poo in the process. She looked up at me as if saying "Look momma...POO!". I must say she looked mighty proud of a feat. She dropped the "cat caviar" and licked her own mouth gleefully. I think it was cat poo....and I'm glad she spat it out (my boy would have gobbled it down without a thought). Needless to say, she was shocked by everything I tried to do for her. She stay hidden in the bushes for some time!

We headed straight home thereafter. I tried to clean her mouth with water but she refused to open her mouth. She ran straight to the bushes to hide from me because I was armed with the water hose. Finally, toothbrush-in-hand, I pried open her mouth and gave her a good cleaning with dog toothpaste.

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