Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to basics

My boy has been sleeping outdoors for most of August. For a while there, I thought he may have successfully influenced his sister to do the same. But luckily, Riko only lasted a few nights outdoors. That too... she slept mostly on the cushioned patio bench. One blessing for the new sleeping arrangement was I needn't get up at the crack of dawn to let them out to wee. However, my full privilege to sleep in was quickly revoked when my girl decided to whimper incessantly outside my bedroom window every morning like this.

Now one will think that Ruki will have a default comfortable sleeping place outside. Nope. Some nights, he'll plonk himself in the middle of the garden. Other nights, he'll sleep glued to the gate or randomly in driveway. But lately, I noticed that he had settled for my Japanese gravel pit...much to the destruction of the zen-look I tried to achieve in my garden.

After weeks of sleeping in the wilderness, my boy Ruki decided to spend tonight indoors. Why? Because it's a hot night....and he needed the air-con! And, I guess he was too sleepy to walk to his regular nook by the window, he just plonked himself right at the doorway.

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