Monday, July 19, 2010

Tsunami strikes again

Black Monday. I realized that I left my car keys in the ignition and the battery was dead this morning.

So, the kids couldn't get to daycare since the only car they will climb into is mine.
So, they were (real) home alone until my car was restored.
So, they left to their own devices...hmmm.. my kids unsupervised. o.O

Now, I have left them at home before for a couple of hours - indoors and outdoors. The house was still intact when I returned. But today, the usual suspect decided to do some gardening in my one-month old flower bed at the garage. It was literally tsunami-ed!

When we got home, I put on my stern voice - who did that? As usual, the culprit was the first to flinch from the guilt. She had the same face and low head hanging like the earlier time ... like this.

As I was sweeping up the mess, they tried to hide behind the bushes. They didn't dare to step into the house until I was in the shower. When I came out, they were in the hall keeping a low profile like this.

Then, I called upon my girl to come to me. She hesitated a while before walking towards me. When I said "naughty girl", she circled back. So, I called again. When she finally came and sat down, I lectured her for a few seconds. She had a truly sorry almost-tearing face like this.

When I was done, she walked away and sat down. My dumb blonde came over and sat in front of me apologetically. Their normal routine was totally upset today. So, I decided not to punish them by sending them to bed without supper. So, they got wiped-down and my girl had her yogurt as usual. Usually, she will hang around in the hall and garden till midnight. But tonight, she gingerly walked straight to the bedroom after her yogurt at 9pm. :O

Hopefully, the lesson is learnt. I might just put a dead plant at the crime a warning to them.

All photos are from my collection except for second photo since my camera doesn't take good night photos.

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