Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Chariot - Test of Courage Part 2

We must live on the neighbourhood chariot route. When we got home from dinner today, there was some commotion on the street leading into the house. I thought maybe someone had died or a house break-in (so much for positive thoughts!). Well, we found out that the chariot is coming again.

This time around, my kids were as quiet as mice...nobody let out a single bark the whole time. They were watching the whole parade intently. Notice the line of retreat as the chariot made it down the junction in the below photo.

As the chariot passed upfront, Ruki thought it was best be sit by me at the front door. Funnily, Ruki had a long drool coming down the side of his mouth, which was shut as tight as a clam, the whole time.

The kids enjoyed the show from a safe distance. I think they were mesmerized :D.

When it finally passed, a small crowd followed. Ruki must have thought it wasn't quite a "safe distance" and retreated into the kitchen to wait for the coast to be clear again.

My boy can bark as fierce as a rottie at times...but at times like this, he can be such a scaredy cat!

Photo on 31 July 2010

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