Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dog traffic jam and pesky cat pedestrians

Got to a late start this morning. The kids were already up and ready for the day over two hours ago. So, off I went walking with the boy. Hardly 10m out of the house, we approach our morning man-on-bike with his dog. Now, most of the time my boy is cool with bike man's dog. Ruki will normally slow down and whimper a bit because he wants to get closer for a sniff. Other times, he just goes the dog is a sworn enemy. Today, he was psycho-barky :(

So, we turned back immediately because I will have nothing to do with this bad behaviour. Ruki got an earful from me during his walk of shame home. I took my girl out instead. When we got back, he was calmer..with only his usual hints of excitement of being his turn to go out. I wonder whether he remembers his bad deeds from 15 minutes ago. Before we got leashed up to go out again, Heran, the black lab came walking with his owner and Ruki went territorial barky at the gate. It's NO GO again.

So, I went to do some weeding, while the kids doing some crazy chasing around the lawn. After 15 minutes, we got ready for our walk. Just as we open our gates, my neighour's maid was outside with their mongrel. Another NO GO. By the time we finally made out walk, we are faced with another challenge. It seems that the 10am slot is for cat traffic! So many cats...maybe because it was garbage collection day. I had to be on high alert because my boy is prone to sudden lunges to get close to them. I'm glad to make it back in one piece today.

Saturday is bath, they are spanky clean today. While waiting for breakfast, they were play tugging, wrestling and chasing each other round the house. Crazy. Then,they gobbled down breakfast and went away fighting over the hump pillow. What's with all the energy today?? The worst thing is Ruki aggravated his paw injury. Slight bleed. :(

First, Riko got sleepy and konked out while holding to her tug rope.

Finally at noon, both were knocked out cold. What a morning!

Photos on 3 July 2007, messy bed coz it's laundry day

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