Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bath Time

The weekend begins with bath time after their walk in the park. My kids are total opposites when it comes to bathing.

When the leash comes out, my boy's face lights up. YES! YES! YES!. My boy enjoys all scrubbing and the massage. It's probably the only time he listens attentively and follow instructions. Stand still - left-side scrub, turn right-side scrub, bum-tail, neck-ears, cheek-rubs, lie-on-the-back (legs up) tummy scrub, ..stand up RINSE. Shake-shake. Towel dry.

While the boy enjoys the attention and pampering, my girl has to be coaxed to the leash. When the water comes, she stands like a statute until the whole process is done.

I'm trying to ease her into any water-related activities. She's just not into them...yet. I hope one day she will be ready.

Photos on 17 July 2010

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