Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was watching Robin Hood with my earphones tonight. I could hear the kids barking in the background. Quite normal. But after a long while, it didn't fact, it got louder. So, I decided to investigate ...for the sake of my neighbours. I looked outside and saw this.

It must be for an Indian festival of some kind. As the chariot was coming down the road, the kids bark excitedly at the gate. My girl slowly retreated to the front door to watch it pass. She was rather she hasn't seen anything like this before.

When the chariot got to the front of the house gate, my boy made a dash for his the back of the house! Sigh...there goes my hopes that he will one day save my life.

My Not-so-braveheart freaked out and ran for the hills. Only after a while, he came out of hiding...and moved to the side of the house to watch chariot pass by.

Photos on 24 July 2010

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