Monday, July 26, 2010

Something about Mari(ko)

I often make passing comments that my girl is more dog-like than my boy. But, as soon as I make such statement, I think I have to eat my words. This is her typical routine at our house:
1. In the morning, she licks any part of me that is outside the check if I am still asleep.
2. She sits in front of me the moment I am awake for her morning pet as I question her on what she has been up to for the past 2 hours since she got up.
3. She leaps into the car as soon as I open the car door to get the dog leash to go walking.
4. She watches Ruki and I leave the house for our morning walk from the back seat of the car.
5. She waits patiently by the gate for our return.
6. She gets way too excited that she could hard sit still to be leashed for her walk.
7. She automatically heads for the bathroom when we get back from our walk out of habit...although her wipe-down location has shifted to the kitchen.
8. She seldom waits in the kitchen as I'm preparing breakfast because it's more exciting being outside until meal time.
9. She takes her time eating. She eats like a cat, chewing every kibble before swallowing.
10. She eats slowly from one side of the plate to the other. She makes sure everyone waits for her to finish before we leave the kitchen. Otherwise, it's our fault she didn't clean her plate.
11. She excuses herself from the breakfast nook when duty calls for her to bark at something outside. (even if the shortest way out is crawling between the backdoor grills which is getting too narrow by the day for her).
12. She goes to investigate her brother's bowl when he's done. If there are leftovers, she has a taste before coming back to her bowl.
13. She is called at least twice to get back to her bowl to finish her food.
14. When breakfast is done, she always thinks it's time to play/ wrestle her brother down the ground.
15. She hangs out under the bathroom sink while I get ready for work.
16. She is first to jump into and out of the car to day care.
17. She jumps like a silly billy goat when I get home.
18. She waits at the kitchen to get her wipe-down and nightly yogurt snack.
19. She perches on my lap at least twice to see what I'm doing/ eating at my desk.
20. Twice a night, she sits attentively at my side and awaits to be petted.
21. She gets at least one belly rub with her nightly pep-talk.
22. She loves to check on her brother to make sure he is sleeping in the bedroom.
23. She sleeps on the coach with her chin rested on the arm rest until I go to bed.
24. But, she dashes outside at lightning speed, if she hears a pin dropped from outside.
25. She always thinks my side of the bed is the best place to sleep.
26. When she's scooted into her rightful place, she makes sure her bum is always facing my face when she sleeps.
27. She thinks anytime between 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. is good time to rub her nose on my toes to signal to be led outside to pee or stretch her legs.

I guess she has trained me well. o.O

Photo on 26 June 2010

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