Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Vet Day

We were at the vet yesterday to get some medicine supplies. I also wanted Doc to check on mocha girl's progress since I've been paranoid about her petite size compared to my boy at the same age.

In the morning, my boy was attacked by Heran, a black lab-mix during his morning walk. Heran, being the more aggressive one since my boy was still a pup. Poor boy had given up being his friend...now they just bark at each other. Ruki suffered some superficial bites on his hind legs. So, good timing that we were going to the vet that very morning.

Mocha girl weighs about 40lbs now, which is double from what she weighed in early Feb. Her first check-up last Dec, she was only 7 lbs!! As I have no clues about her weight, I was fearing that she was still like 20lbs. So, 40 is good! We are hopeful that she's be a lean 60-pounder....which will make her a pleasant dog-walker. Doc says her puppy teeth have almost all (mysteriously) fallen out. I wonder where the teeth went because I never saw any lying around. Thankfully, Riko hadn't been very "bitey" girl so far. :D

Ruki was treated from his combat wounds....well, I'm proud that he didn't retaliate during the attack. Might be that my sweet boy was too shocked...hahaha... Surprisingly, I didn't freak out at all. We were just trying to calm Heran down. Doc said Ruki has a case of fungus infection which now threatens his attendance to an upcoming pet therapy session on May 23. So, both kids had a good medicated shower after their walks in the evening. :(

This morning, Ruki was barking at Heran as he was passing our front gate. So, I guess he didn't suffer any side effects from yesterday's incident. Looks like they will be mortal enemies for the time being.

Photo on 2 May 2010

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