Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mariko's daily walk routine

I'm glad we are on a daily morning routine. The kids know that they get to go to the park each morning now. :D

Once we are out of the gate, Riko is always excited to get going. She wants to power walk when I just rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago! So, the first 150 meters is always a dash-jerk affair :(

Luckily, the park is a short walk down the road..

At the park, she usually heels with me. :D Well, unless there's some dogs or cats..then, she's lunging forward to get nearer. We haven't quite worked out the dog etiquette and self-control aspects yet.

We practise our daily commands. Like other kids, she doesn't see that learning these commands can be essential in her life. I hope she sees how important being a well-behaved dog is during pet therapy!!

Our walk takes about 20 minutes. I'm hoping to extend the duration once I sort out my bedtime routine. Strangely after her walk, she was trying to climb into the tub today like her big brother. So, I helped her in and she had a rinse. I don't think she expected to get wet in there. :)

Photos on 16 May 2010. Mariko is 7 months old

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