Friday, May 28, 2010

Haruki, bath and beyond

As far as I can remember, Ruki always loved water. He started out with a modest metal basin. Pretty soon, he outgrown it.

He moved on to a mid-size earthen flat pot, which was home to grandpa's guppies at daycare. For a while, the fish and my boy shared the pool. Soon enough, the guppies moved out and Ruki became the exclusive occupant of the water feature!

At home, he is the primary user of the master bath. He heads straight to the bathtub after our walks every time.

Last Saturday, I bought a larger earthen flat pot for the garden. He was excited about his outdoor tub and went inside three times the first time. The next day, I had left some plants submerged in the tub and he refused to get in for the whole week. Despite all the coaxing, he only went in to dip his paws and quickly ran out. Weird.

Finally today, he's back inside for a full dip! Just reminded me of the time I accidentally clipped his tail with the car door and he refused to get into the car for the whole week. Makes me think his memory lasts about 5 days!

My girl doesn't like to get wet at all. Total opposites. I've started to train her to get into the pool everyday after walks now. She's only gotten her paws wet so far. When all four legs were inside and I asked her to sit, her little bum was just hovering over the water surface...HAHAHA..

It's my dream to get them a real lab/ lap pool when they grow up. :D

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