Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometime I wish they could talk

Riko has been having irregular appetite for the past 2 weeks. Somehow, she manages to bounce back each time I wanted to bring her to the vet. During our daycare drop-off yesterday, she refused to get down the car. So off to the vet we went!

I related her typical morning regimen to the vet. Walk in the park-play with Ruki while breakfast is being prepared-eat breakfast hungrily-wrestle Ruki down after meal. But often now, she plonks on the kitchen floor looking all drained out after her walk. She can barely make it to her bowl :(. When she get there, she will just sniff and pick at her food. She will just nibble a bit and gets distracted by her brother eating nearby.

So, the vet said that maybe she's feeling pain somewhere. Any pain whining? limping? no...coughing after walk...not that I remember. He checks her limbs, gums, body, ears, heart beat, lungs and temperature. All is normal. Got her loss in weight. He said that LABs are prone to hip problems and tiredness after walks could indicate heart problems for LABs. Each time he said LAB, my heart skipped a beat. I'm thinking he thinks she's a LABRADOR...hahaha...

We came back with some general pain pill and B-complex for appetite. Today, I gave her half a usual portion (since Ruki has benefited much as her "clean up crew"). She ate a bit better this morning and even went over to Ruki's bowl to eat his unfinished portion. Ruki was sitting patiently nearby waiting to pick up everybody's remains. Ruki's such a doll.

I'm trying to monitor her emotional state. I wonder whether there's any correlation between my morning scolding of her to her lack of appetite later. It might be that she got really tired out between 5am to 8am - mucking around in the garden - digging soil and ripping out the stuffing in my garden chair. Despite all her mischief, she's actually a very sweet girl. I almost think she can't help herself to stay out of trouble.

Photo of Riko with the vet assistant

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