Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The one who had a blond moment

My boy is on a medicated bath routine recently due to a skin infection. Today was bath day. So, after his walk, he was all-lathered-up and chained to the gate to prevent him from rolling around in his soapy self. When Riko and I came back from our walk, I rinsed the boy off, dried him and unhooked the line from his collar. I went inside to prepare breakfast...peering outside wondering why my boy was still sitting by the gate rather than in the kitchen...ready to eat. Weird. Then, he started to bark towards the house. Why was he barking at me inside?...his bark sounded if giving me a signal to get out of the house. Is he trying to get me out of the house? a danger warning?? Did I leave the gas on and the house gonna explode any minute? I looked over to the stove to check. Nope, no gas leak.

So, I walked outside to investigate. I realized that he thought we left him outside. He had his collar on (nowadays, he roams collarless) and he thought he was still tied to the gate!

And, I may have been reading one too many heroic dog rescue stories. I get teary-eyed every time. I honestly thought that I was having my own heroic moment with my boy. HAHAHA... I wonder who had the blonder moment today...:D

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